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About ReactGlove


The ReactGlove is a SMART glove designed to challenge the issue of hand tremors in various populations, such as those with neuromuscular degenerative diseases. It perceives and recognizes movement with embedded accelerometers and utilizes reaction wheels to counteract hand tremors, shakes, and instability


By using the lowest price and highest quality materials for our glove, we managed to create the most affordable option on the market. Using materials that are not harmful to the environment, we were able to create a completely sustainable product.

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Recognitions & Commendations


CAD Models

Here are projected renderings of what our final product will look like.

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Our Mission

Our team started this project because of our strong desire to end hand tremors. We all knew at least one relative or family friend who had Parkinson’s and could not control their tremors. Seeing them struggle on daily tasks was unbearable. This planted the seed for our idea to create an anti-tremor glove, the ReactGlove. Our team studied coding Arduinos to create a working program that changes the wheel speed based on movement information from the accelerometer. After months of research, we created a fully-functional prototype with wheels and wiring. We gained valuable connections with different mentors from Brown University, the University of Houston, and the University of Texas throughout our venture. We aim to use our skills and resources in order to provide the greatest amount of success for the ReactGlove and, more importantly, its users - one tremor at a time

Our Team

Omar reyes W headshot.jpg

Omar Reyes

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 Chief Marketing Officer and CAD Designer 

Experienced with CAD and Excel

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Saheb Nibber

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Chief Financial Officer and Co-Prototype Creator

Experienced with financial acumen and engineering

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Mihir Relan

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Chief Information Officer and Co- Prototype Creator

Experienced with technology and statistics

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